Great Potential for Cooperation between Henan and Balochistan in Multiple Sectors Highlighted

Pakistan has already built a strong relationship with Henan, with many enterprises from Henan doing businesses in Pakistan, said Moin ul Haque. “Today we attend this event, aiming to deepen the cooperation between Henan and Balochistan (the largest province of Pakistan) in multiple sectors, including agriculture, animal husbandry, logistics, trade, etc.”

According to Moin ul Haque, the letter of intent signed between Henan and Balochistan for a sister-province relationship is of great significance to both countries and provinces. “China and Pakistan have had a long friendship with deep feelings shared between the Chinese and Pakistani people. Only by valuing the friendship and feelings can we pass on such a relationship to the next generation.”

Moin ul Haque also said that although Balochistan has a large area and is rich in coal and other natural resources, it is still an underdeveloped province, hoping to learn more from Henan through exchanges and cooperation.