Finance Ministry Issues 100 Million Yuan for C China Flood Response

The Ministry of Finance issued an emergency relief fund of 100 million yuan ($15.45 million) on Wednesday to Central China’s Henan province, which was hit by flooding this week.

A part of the fund – 60 million yuan issued by the central government – will be used for emergency rescue and saving people’s lives in the disaster areas, the ministry said in a statement on its website.

The remaining 40 million yuan, also from the central government, will be used to support the resumption of agricultural production after the flood and the re-construction of water conservancy facilities in Henan, according to the finance ministry.

The ministry said the local government in Henan needs to safeguard people’s lives and property, which is the priority, and minimize casualties and property losses.

The Ministry of Finance also pledged to make good use of the central government’s disaster relief funds, in accordance with relevant capital management measures, to improve the efficiency of the funds.